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 Join Mineko and Abe the Cat in this side-scrolling adventure game about filling your belly with delicious festival treats and building a successful market stall from the ground up! During the day, explore the forest or countryside to hunt for rare items, or pound the pavement of the bustling downtown region for special bonuses and meeting townsfolk.

 The real magic happens at night, however, while you eat your way through a plethora of delectable yummies while making friends (or not-so-friends) with patrons and vendors alike. Keep Mineko and Abe happy by shopping for adorable trinkets and exotic treats while you play your way through four wacky seasons.

 Will your shrewd business sense help you rise through the ranks to the coveted market “Sweet Spot,” or will your find the balance between ambitious entrepreneur and generous neighbour?

 It’s all up to you in Mineko’s Night Market!


@meowza - Design, Art, Animation
@kukubee - Design, Writing
@s__mitchell - Design, Code
@DannyboySimmons - Audio
@eugelng - Additional Design


PC/Mac? iOS/Android???


Not quite yet!

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